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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
Portuguese Catholics conquer Goa under Albuquerque, the then Governor, to serve as capital of their Asian maritime empire beginning conquest and exploitation of India by Europeans.
King Birbal, renowned wit and one amongst the 'Navratna' of Emperor Akbar's Court, died in a war with Usuf Jard Kabile.
Saint Eknath, bhagwatbhakt, passed away.
2/25/1760 Lord Clive left India. His successors as Governors of India were J. Holwell and H. Vansittart from July 1760 to 1765. He was re-posted to India on May 3, 1765.
2/25/1840 Vinayak Konddev Oak, Marathi litteratewur, was born.
2/25/1844 Girishchandra Ghosh, famous Bengali actor and dramatist, was born.
2/25/1869 Anand Shankar Bapubhai Dhruv, Sanskrit Pandit and editor of monthly magzine 'Vasant' , was born.
2/25/1884 Ravishankar Maharaj, freedom fighter and national leader of the country, was born at Radhu village of Kaira District.
2/25/1886 Narmadashankar Lalshankar Dave 'Narmad', social reformer and famous Gujrati litterateur, passed away.
2/25/1894 Meher Baba (1894-1969) of Poona, Indian saint of Persian origin and gifted with psychic powers of prediction, was born. The mystical teachings of this silent sage stressed love, self-inquiry and God consciousness.
2/25/1897 Dr. Amarnath Jha, educationist, was born.
2/25/1897 A. Vedaratnam, freedom fighter, nationalist and leader, was born in an orthodox Saiva Vellala community.
2/25/1903 Judge Kailas Nath Wanchoo, chief Justice of Supreme Court of India, was born.
2/25/1909 Gandhiji arrested at Volksrust; sentenced to 3 months.
2/25/1910 Dalai Lama, Tibeten monk, flees from Chinese troops and takes refuge in India.
2/25/1920 Balraj Madhok was born.
2/25/1923 S. Kumaran, political, social reformer and Trade Union worker, was born in Alleppey, Kerala.
2/25/1927 Balkrishna Buwa Echalkaranjikar, father of `Khyal Gayaki', passed away.
2/25/1938 Farokh Manekshaw Engineer, great Indian cricket wicket-keeper (1961-75), was born in Bombay.
2/25/1962 India Congress Party wins elections.
2/25/1963 Nehru refuses to recognize China-Pakistan border pact in New Delhi.
2/25/1968 Judge Mohammad Hidayatullah became the Chief Justice of India. He held this office till 16/12/1970.
2/25/1970 Mannathu Padmanabhan, great social worker and president of the Tranvancore Devasworn Board, passed away.
2/25/1976 India announces plan to penalize parents who have more than two children.
2/25/1977 Second satellite Earth Station established at Dehradun.
2/25/1982 J. K. Irani, cricket wicketkeeper (2 Tests for India 1947-48), passed away.
2/25/1987 The Railway Minister announces introduction of 8 superfast trains from April 1.
2/25/1992 Beant Singh sworn in as CM of Punjab.
2/25/1992 Railway budget proposes 20\% hike in upper class passenger fares.
2/25/1993 113 MPs arrested and Murali Manohar Joshi injured in police action.
2/25/1993 BJP rally in New Delhi foiled.
2/25/1993 Kranti Renadev, a naxalite under trial in Andhra, freed.
2/25/1995 Bomb attack on a train in Assam; 27 soldiers killed.
2/25/1998 Tendulkar's first first-class 204* for Mumbai vs Australia.
2/25/1999 The curtains came down on the fifth National Games. Manipur won the overall championship while swimmers Nisha Millet of Karnataka and Sebastian Xavier of Kerala were adjudged the best sportswoman and sportsman respectively.
2/25/2000 Justice M. Srinivasan (63), Supreme Court Judge at the Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, died after prolonged illness.
2/25/2000 The Supreme Court stays the Madras High Court order discharging the former Chief Minister and AIADMK supremo, Ms. Jayalalitha, from the two TANSI deal cases.


Other Historical Dates and Events
3/27/1991Chautala recommends Assembly dissolution.
4/8/1993CBI extensively raided VHP offices; BJP MP Brijbhushan Saren Singh among five arrested.
3/16/1992Satyajit Ray, veteran film producer and director, was presented the honorary Oscar by a three-member Oscar committee at a Calcutta nursing home.
6/25/1900Louis Mountbatten, last British Voiceroy and first Governor General of independent India, was born at England.
6/1/1998Finance Minister announced the Swadeshi budget.
1/10/1975India accords recognition to the Palestine Liberation Organization.
6/5/1992Hindi weelky of Indian Express Group 'Screen' published.
5/7/1950Punjab Mail train crashed near Jasidh killing 81 persons.
5/25/1999India blasts its way into the global satellite launch vehicle market with the PSLV-C2 deploying two foreign satellites besides the Indian remote sensing satellite, IRS-P4.
4/4/1991Gujarat CM Chimanbhai Patel JD (Gujarat)-to contest the elections with poll understanding with Congress (I).