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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
11/13/1780 Maharaja Ranjit Singh, ""Lion of Punjab"", was born.
11/13/1901 Four Language panels were started on Rs. 10/- notes. First time four corner serial numbers were introduced. This panel had Indian languages which varied from state to state.
11/13/1901 War Secretary Brodrick claimed that Boers were killing natives in large numbers. He intended to withdraw troops from India to fight in S. Africa at London.
11/13/1908 Yeshwantrao Hindurao Ghorpade, former ruler and great industrialist, was born.
11/13/1909 Gandhiji left England for South Africa and wrote ''Hind Swaraj'' on board S.S. Kildonan Castle.
11/13/1917 Vasantrao Banduji Patil, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, was born.
11/13/1917 Gajanan Madhav, famous modern Hindi poet, critic and storywriter, was born.
11/13/1922 Mahadev Sadashivrao Ande, freedom fighter and political leader, was born.
11/13/1935 Chandra Prakash Gupta, great educationist, was born at Gaini in UP.
11/13/1945 Australian Services draw first Victory Test against India
11/13/1953 Richard Nixon, the US Vice President, arrives in New Delhi.
11/13/1962 Yezdani Gulam, great researcher, archeologist and art critic, died
11/13/1970 Flooding ravages Ganges delta. 200,000 million killed.
11/13/1991 Supreme Court orders establishment of an all-India judicial service.
11/13/1992 Dr. Pundalik Dattatrya Gaitonde, Goa freedom fighter, passed away.
11/13/1993 The Indian hospital and aviation was operational immediately. The Indian contingent formally took charge of the responsibility of the capital city of Mogadishu.
11/13/1995 The Supreme Court in an unanimous 65-page verdict declares that patients who received deficient services from the medical profession and hospitals were entitled to claim damages under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
11/13/1998 Pravabati Devi (88), freedom fighter and `Mother Teresa of Orissa', dies at the orphanage set up by her at Chharchanpali.
11/13/1998 Tendulkar blazes as India wins the Coca Cola Cup at Sharjah beating Zimbabwe in the final.
11/13/1999 A woman commits 'sati' in Satpura village in Mohaba district of Uttar Pradesh
11/13/1999 Punjab Police men, Railways women emerged Federation Cup basketball champions in Jalandhar.


Other Historical Dates and Events
1/20/1997Indian Express launches its 18th edition from Belgaum.
1/20/1997Pedro Alvaris, Portugese businessman, reached Calicut and established the first European factory in India.
4/1/1997Govt. clarifies it is illegal to carry a child on a two-wheeler in addition to a pillion rider.
1/8/1872Hemchandra Goswami, ancient Asamia literature expert, historian, editor and poet, was born.
4/15/1950Acharya Vinoba Bhave requested to the villagers of Panchampalli Telangana, Andhra Pradesh to give 80 acres of land, and with this he had started his 'Bhudan Andolan'.
9/14/1923Ram Jethmalani, famous law expert and politician, was born.
9/20/1998India lost the fifth and final match of the Sahara Cup by five wickets. Pakistan won the series 4-1 at Toronto.
10/24/1997Kerala bans ragging in educational institutions by an ordinance.
1/23/1975Omeo Kumar Das, one of the great patriots of Assam, passed away at the age of 81. He selflessly worked for the tea plantation workers and made efforts to get them better living standards. He translated Gandhiji's autobiography ""My Experiments with Truth"" in Assamese language.
3/31/1994Argentina President Carlos Menem visits India.