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'KKK 14' contestant Shalin Bhanot is 'more scared of Rohit Shetty' than the stunts

Author : IANS

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Mumbai, June 18 (IANS) Actor Shalin Bhanot, who is a part of the contestant lineup of 'Khatron Ke Khiladi 14' (KKK 14), shared that he is more scared of host-filmmaker Rohit Shetty than the stunts, adding that anything related to adventure, heights, and water scares him.

On what kind of stunt he thinks Rohit would curate for him, Shalin, who is known for his work in 'Do Hanson Ka Jodaa', shared: "When it comes to Rohit Shetty, he can create any stunt for me. I will be more scared of him than of the stunt itself. So, whatever he curates for me, my focus will be more on not upsetting him rather than on understanding the stunt."

Shalin further shared that he is not a very adventurous person.

"So, anything related to adventure, heights, and water excites and scares me. Each stunt is exciting and scary for me."

Regarding the five essential items he brought with him for the shoot in Romania, the 'Suryaputra Karn' actor said: "I have carried a few essential items with me to Romania that are very close to my heart and much needed to win this season. These essentials include my parents' blessings, religious items for worship, my fans' good wishes, memories of my pet Swag, and a lot of self-belief and the real me, which is Shalin."

Speaking about his family's reaction to joining KKK 14, Shalin said: "When I told my family that I was joining 'Khatron Ke Khiladi 14', my father was especially excited. He was giving me all his positive energy. My mom, like any mother, was worried and very nervous about it, giving me some advice. She told me to take care of myself and stay calm."

"But at the end of the day, they are very happy and excited. This is the kind of show they like and watch. They have always been waiting for me to do this show, and now I am finally doing it," he said.

Shalin also shared about the special preparations he undertook to pull off the stunts in the show.

"I recited a lot of mantras and chants to keep my mind peaceful. I have also started worshipping Mata Rani because I believe it will help me perform all the stunts well and encourage me," he added.

‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 14’ will air soon on Colors.



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